Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One of those days......

Started in the night actually, Miss P slept like crap and was up till nearly 2am, and then up at 6:15a. 
Kids were kind of crazy all morning,  was CRAVING my run for the alone time and quietness.  I was planning on 20km so I could make up some mileage after Sunday.
Searched the house for my Garmin charger........ no luck!  Finally remembered I stuck it in my purse.  Shit, crap now where is my Garmin..... oh yes, had it for my stroller run Tuesday, went dead, left it in stroller.
Got to moms, no Garmin in stroller. Scratch head, I was sure I left it there. OH well, I will look for it while running, to make sure it didnt drop.
Pop in earbuds, IPOD dead! ARGH are you EFFIN kidding me?? Now I can, have and will run with out music, but I really wanted to zone out today.  Decided to drive home and get IPOD charger, it charges fairly quickly. (all this while, I am looking at clock b/c I am running out of 'time' as mom had appts in the afternoon and needed to leave at 3p) 
Got my charger, *car charger* and decided to drive Tuesdays route to look for Garmin. (no luck)  But decided I'd still be ok for 10km.  Got to mom's, kids going crazy, she looked frazzled.  I settled on 5km+. 
Plus today, I have spilled Italian dressing all over the floor, spaghetti sauce on floor.  WAIT! plus I dropped a picture frame on my ankle on Monday--it's been one of those weeks!

You get the idea.....!!!!

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