Sunday, September 18, 2011

An update

Enjoying a cookie, and the sights!
So September has been great for running so far!
Love, love, LOVING the cooler temps! Older kids are at school and I put the 2 babies in the double and off we go!  A lot of run/walking with the stroller, but I usually drop them at mom's and continue on for a few miles.
 1st week back of school, I managed 67 km.  This week was a little less-40ish, as I took Friday off to rest for the 5km my friend and I did Saturday.
Was a PB (25:43) for me, as I had never really run a chip timed 5km AND I have been pregnant nearly 2 years straight (ha!)
Small BUT nice run, and a great cause.  Sick kids hospital in Toronto, and I heard the announcer say over 10,000$ was raised! WHOOO HOO!

So another week starts tomorrow, and this weekend brings an Island Girl adventure with my cousin Nicci.  We are relaying the half, so 10.5k each.  YAY!

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