Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My personal drill sargent

My 6 year old Piper keeps me in check!  Her new night time fun is coming downstairs with Mommy to work out!  I had a case of the lazies..... and she bugged till I gave in to work out!  So a little later in the evening, but I got some hill work in on the treadmill-and she got her mommy time in!

Piper and I @ 2009 Breast Cancer run
SIDE NOTE: She's hard core!  She made her machine rows 5lbs heavier tonight.... doesn't sound like much, but she's 34lbs and pulling her own body weight!  She ends her work out with 5 minutes of treadmill!

So 3 days of treadmill for me! 
Tonight I just set it at a slow jog pace (5.2) and kept raising the incline very time the song changed. Started at 1 incline, ended at 7. 

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