Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've really felt off running lately, July was so hot and humid, running felt uncomfortable.  And being the WHACKO that I am, I started to worry that it was ME and that I was losing my ability and fitness.  BLAH BLAH BLAH....

August has brought some cooler temps and running is starting to feel normal again, building my base back up, (July was pretty low *145km*) and it's coming back.  Crazy how just 3 or 4 weeks can do that?? 

That said, I've really been struggling with the upcoming MIDSUMMER NIGHTS RUN 30KM that I've registered for Aug 20th.   There is also a 15km, which is sounding sooooo easy and fun to me right now~tee hee!  June was going so good, and then July's craptacular mix really has played with my confidence.  I have (if I understand correctly) till kit pick up (Friday) to decide if I'll step down to the 15km. ARGH. Frustramatation!

Also wanted to add that I have changed a bit on my race schedule.  I opted out of the choclate run (very pricey, and so far away for so early.)  I decided to do the Toronto womens 10k, which I am all registered for! Also registered for the Island Girl Half Relay, EXCITING!  

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