Monday, August 1, 2011

Call me Quasimodo

But instead of a bell tower, I am stuck in the basement!  TREADMILL.   Mother nature (and kids) won't cooperate with me!
Did I mention I am trying to train for my 30km in less than 3 WEEKS!!!!  Have you ever tried to do anything more than 10 miles on one of those contraptions?? *I've managed it 2x, I am generally good for 6 miles then I give up!*
 No amount of music, TV, daydreaming, having my phone in front of me to BBM friends, games etc will make the time go faster.
Enough complaining, 6.76 km on treadmill tonight in 35min. 
I noticed the callibration is off on my NIKE sensor again, must have been when I switched shoes, (??) b/c the last 2 nights have been waaaaaay off.

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