Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bad Pammie! A whole month since I have updated!

 Well, in the past month, I have run the Toronto Island Girl Relay marathon, and the Scotia 5k.
LOVED the Island Girl, except the ferry issues!  Their site stated the ferry ran ever 30min, UMM NOPE! It was every HOUR!  We got lost and arrived for the ferry at 8:02am.  And watched it pull away from the dock. 
Apparently everyone else thought the 30min rule too.  So our ferry left at 9am,  and the race started at 9:30 AAAAAAAND we needed to pick up our kits!  Boogie boogie our butts! 

It all worked out, and the day was super nice!

The Scotia 5k was a late decision, and eh, I can say we were there, but I dont think I would do it again.  There was just too many people, the first 2km were just dodging and weaving and coming to a complete stop. ARGH And the baggage check at the end was RIDICULOUS.  Over an hr to get our bags!

Another change I have made in the past month, I have been wearing the Adidas Mana 5 instead of the Nikes.  I really couldn't believe the difference in how my feet felt.  I had to switch the lacing around because it's such a narrow shoe.  I was surprised the switch was so easy, because I have always used a stability shoe. 
So my next mission lined up is the Angus Glen half on the 6th Nov. WISH ME LUCK

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