Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steady Run

WTMFH..... it is HOT today!  Got my run in, but had to stop for water and wipe the sweat breaks often! As much as I love my Nathan hydration belt, I really sweat under it!  But I'll sacrifice b/c I love having my water with me, and my hands free!  I swear I'm like a little pack rat with that thing~  kleenex, chapstick, 4 waters, IPOD, toonie, and lately I've been hooking my sunglasses on the side because they've just been too hot on my face.
So I was aiming for 10km today, but got in 8km......hey, I'm not a martyr! It was just TOO hot!
8.16km (hilly back road) under 47 minutes (5:44pace)

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