Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long runs are SO important!

Well today was a wake up call for me! I have been cheating my long runs.  NOT intentionally, but with sick kids (one of my turkeys had missed 3 wks of school) and snow days ........... ugh

I had run a 21k run in November and nothing over 16km since......... umm ya, putting in lots of miles a week, but lots of small and mid sized runs. 
Today running 21 km, I felt it.  I was 'fine' until about 17 km and I started to need walk breaks, 18 km I needed to stretch, walked halfway up a hill on 19 km and prayed for the end the rest of the way!

I also ran the 1k with my kiddos who are LOVING runs and getting a medal at the end! And I love that they love it!

So now I have played it over in my head all day and I KNOW where my weakness is...... and I can work on it over the next month for the ATB.


  1. I had been dying to ask you on facebook how the race went but knew to come here and look first!
    Thats great you made it to 17k before having to do walk and run breaks! You knew how prior to the race how many kms you had put in daily and that 21km was pushing it. So I wonder how much of that mentally played on you while you were running, the closer you got to your max daily run. Were you thinking about it a lot while running?

    I am f'n tempted to sign up for the half in September. Army run. I don't know why. I just think that doing the 5km then might not be in my best interest but at the same time part of me is reluctant cos 21km is probably too much at the same time.

    Way to go for finishing Girl. That's the important thing. You know what you need to work on in your training to do your next race. I for one am simply amazed how you stick with it and get in the runs you do with such busy mommy duties. Way to incorporate them into running. Healthy all around but helps to keep you in something you are passionate about..and sharing our healthy passions with our kids is important. Give yourself a butterfly hug! lol or a pat on the back and literally say it out loud how great you are, and what a great job you are doing all around. It'll make those last three tough kms a lot me!

    Keep on running!

  2. YA, I am totally ok with it. Honestly went in for the distance and it was a boot in the butt to keep me going.
    I know I get 'lazy' in that aspect and its an area I need to focus on.

    THANX for the support! You're awesome!

    there is a 15k in August, might be a good jump stone for you??