Monday, February 18, 2013

Some updates!

Geez, it's been a while.......ERRRR.

Snow days and sick kids = slacker!

Last week was a slooooooow week of running with a measley 27 km.  YIKES. 

I had missed the registatration for ATB 30km, and I was 'slightly' disappointed, but I was like HEY I am off the hook this year, but I kept searching for a bib..............and found SO I am running it now.

INJINJI socks!  WOW!  My pair I purchased ripped in the right big toe after 3 wears!  I contacted them on their facebook page, and they emailed me. I sent them a pic of the toe and they stated they would replace the sock BUT they dont ship to Canada............ARGH.
BUT I have a dear friend in the USA and she recieved them and forwarded them on to me!  YIPPEE!  They also sent a lip balm ( whoo hooo--my crack!) and a few narly stickers that will be going on my sons skateboard!

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