Monday, February 4, 2013

Run more ,feel better?

I had a great month for running in January . 210km
Looking back, May 2012 I ran 219k and that was my highest ever. Since then I have averaged 160-80 ish a month.
January 2012 was 106 km!! Yikes

I've been throwing in 2nd runs on the nights I take Sebastian to the YMCA . Slow and easy 30 min, and honestly there have been a fw days to look at my schedule I have groaned at the thought of running or been tired and IN THE PAST would have skipped it. This year I have decided to stick with what is in front of me and RUN. And I feel great, my legs haven't felt heavy and I definitely feel more accomplished for doing it.
My chest cold has been a factor. Stopping to blow my nose and hack up a lung is not fun ;)
The extreme cold and time has been affected my long runs so I really need to work on that. There is a half marathon in town coming up at the end of this month that I should register for just to put the km in. Lol that seems to work for me when I am forced (paid) for the running.

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