Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter has hit!

Well woke up this morning, dressed the kids and sent them out for the bus.  15-20 minutes later, we realized MAYBE the busses weren't coming this morning.

Checked the website and sure enough--cancelled.  Freezing rain and all that jazz.  Which also meant we were homebound, so no outdoor run for Mommy today.  I also have a cough, which is rattling in my chest (only symptom) which I am thinking is from running/ sweating in the frigid temps last wk!?!

My schedule (which I screwed up on Sunday, my long run was just short of 10miles when it should have been 15ish miles)  called for an easy 6-8km.  But with the weather outside and my HATE HATE HATE of treadmills--  (side note: I am not minding the one at the YMCA so far, but the TV 1ft from my face probally helps distract me that I am running on a hamster wheel.) -- I needed an idea to spruce up the thought of spending some time in my basement staring at the brick wall.  So I decided I would walk on it and do an incline workout.
Starting at 4mph and incline of 1.5
After a good warm up I went up to 3 incline
after a song I went up to 5
back down to 3
up to 6
down to 3
up to 7
etc etc, you get the idea.  Up to 10 incline.
When I was on 3's I used 8lb weights and 30 rep for biceps, triceps and shoulder press. (Total of 6 times.)
I ended up with 5 miles in just over an hour.  Slow and easy.

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