Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I had actual brain freeze running in this cold! -14 the temperture said, and I THINK that was with out the windchill.

I had a 13km on tap - 8 km of that was tempo.  Being so cold, I wore a long sleeved tech and a heavier snow board coat.  1+km into my run, I knew that I was overdressed for a tempo, and I knew that 10k was for tomorrow, so I mentally decided to switch them.

Turned left off the road and headed into the feilds.  9.75k done, just over an hour.  It was windy and I do have to go slower in the fields from the frozen ruts and ice.  But the intensity is there and I really just love it. 
I had figured in the fall, that one lap of the corn field was 1900metres, so I did 4 laps today, and made it kind of an interval workout.
One lap I did headed in the other direction, and it was frigid and against the wind, and just 'felt' backwards.
On Strava.com, I have received my 75 mile blast for the month so far!

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