Thursday, January 17, 2013

And BAM it feels great ?!?

I mentioned my 14km run the other day and the tail end was really aggravating my ankle. That night and yesterday I've been massaging and applying A535 (I seriously love the smell of it. * it reminds me of my grampa AND it smells like those pink mint candies)
Last night we signed up for the YMCA. My 12 year old went swimming and I sat in the daycare with my 2 yr old to let her get a feel for it. And when I stood up to leave-there was no pain or ache and walking was a breeze!
So I did an easy 10km (well JUST under) and at the 8.5k mark (big hill) I felt a little tightness but like 99.9% better. SO happy!
I went back to the Newtons today- they really work my calves, and upper legs always feel "full" when I wear those runners?!? Don't know if that's good or bad! HA

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  1. I have a membership there now for quite some time. When I come to the patch we can go together sometime. I love having access to the pool, classes and the gym.
    Awesome news about the ankle. I love the smell of the Tiger Balm lol the sensation freaks me out though. lol