Thursday, May 24, 2012


YEP, that's me!  The heat was just a bit too much for me this week.  (I know, I know, what will I do in July or August!?!?)  I just think I needed some time to adjust to it, so I did stroller jogs this week with the 2 kids in the Chariot.  We make a fun game of it (arm pumps for the transports to see how many we can get to honk)
It's so cute, even Paxton gets her little fist going-but for some reason thinks she needs to punch her leg!?!
Today we watched a tractor irrigate a field.  Steele was in awe!

So it's 3.5km to my moms house, with some steep hills at the end, then we head home after a drink.  Takes me about 24 minutes each way with the 2 kids in the stroller and a walk/run (I HAVE to walk the hills with them both in the stroller.) Steele is 40+lbs and Paxton is 22ish pounds.  My calves and @$$ are loving the up hills!  Need to work on the down hills with 2 kids in stroller, I notice a heel strike that I don't have normally.
Also this summer, I elected myself to cut the grass......with a push mower.  We had a guy coming to do it,but let's face it.  I'm sick and thought I'd love the extra exercise.  It takes me 2 afternoons to finish but I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN! :)
That + with now 6 cats (kittens are opening their eyes at a week old) you can kind of see where I am headed here........ 

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