Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yep I've said it outloud!

So I have been pretty silent on my dreams of running a full marathon, 42km, 26.2 miles.  Now matter HOW you say it, it's sounds daunting and overwhelming.  Earlier this week, I had the nerve to utter it outloud!  To actual people!  (Mainly my husband and mother--AKA Babysitters)  Figured I should warn them!

Now as scary as the distance sounds to me--the challenge of finding a training schedule to guide me - WAY WORSE!

A plan that takes you to the mileage, past the distance, with speed training, no speed training!  ARGH!  A running forum I frequent has offered so much advice, which I love, but I kind of want need someone to just TELL ME what to do.  HA.
Which is odd, because I've basically gotten this far by teaching myself.  (with the help of interweb and lots of trial and error)  I just feel so out of touch and lost for a full marathon.

SIDE NOTE:  My 6 year old Piper is running her first 5km on May 12th!!  WHOOOT WHOOOT! Her and her cousin Justice have done a few 1k's and asked if they could try a longer distance!  FO'SHO!!
We did a trial run/walk a few weeks ago, 45 min for her 5km.  NOT TOO SHABBY!!
Miss P is SO excited!

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  1. good for you for saying it outloud. Bravo.
    Keep searching for the right training plan. You'll find it. The fact you said it outloud is the first step. You rock sister..I wanna come support you on that one!