Sunday, May 13, 2012

Womens Starbucks Run

I was REALLY looking forward to this run, because Miss Piper-loo was joining in for her first 5km.  I don't know if she was more excited to run, or get a hot chocolate at Starbucks on the way!  HA!

Early rise, I was awake at 5:30a, and woke Piper minutes later.  We were driving to meet my cousin Nicci, and her daughter Justice, who is a month older than Piper and doing the 5km too.

PLUS it was also Miss Nicci's birthday, so we grabbed her a birthday pop at Starbucks to add to her present! 
Excitement in the back seat!

Working it!

John Stanton MC'd

The 10k and 5k ran the same course THEN the 10 carried on, thru a park, trail, bridges and topsy turvy all over the map, past pedestrians, bikes and dogs! Loved the organization , not fond of the course.  But loved the town, seemed small and out of a movie. Very quaint and clean.
I had finished the 10k, and was watching for Nicci to finish the 10k and for the girls and Brooke to come in off the 5k.  I saw them coming, and John Stanton was a few feet away MC'ing the run, and her commented on Piper running in, and the determination.  I was tearful watching her and her form and speed! LOVED IT! I yelled to John, " THAT'S MY BABY GIRL!" and he said 'you should be proud!" 
Proud of the BLING!

Still Smiling!
Because we are girls!

Post run birthday drink

Mothers day from MY mommy


  1. That race with the girls is the coolest ever! I can't wait :) what cuties! I love the pink drink and picnic table. Glad you had a great mothers day :)

  2. I got teary eyed reading you yell 'that's my baby girl'. So much fun. I want to see the pic of you and John Staton bigger! That's awesome! Wicked.
    How come you didn't like the course?
    What kind of course do you prefer.
    You should be VERY proud Pam. Way to keep the girls healthy and she has soo much energy. lol Was she pooped out?
    GREAT job. I wish I could have done that run. Maybe next year they have it again.

  3. Piper goes from sun up to sun down. She cartwheels in between bites at supper! LITERALLY! It is an annual run, so it would be AWESOME for you to come out Jen!! :)