Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I love and some I don't

Mother's day was a trip to the outlet mall, YAY!! And of course, LULULEMON.  DROOL!

I picked up the Power Vinyasa Crop  in  grape color.

Probally my FAVORITE pair of crops EVER!  They have a really big pocket on each side, and I put my IPOD and kleenex in one side, and my Nathan water bottle from my belt in the other.  FITS PERFECT, there is no bounce. There is also a hidden pocket in the waistband!

Things I don't love..... EW, I was out of spinach this morning, and used baby arugula in my smoothie.  NOT  a good taste.

Another thing I love, on a more personal note.  My cat had her kittens yesterday!  She had 6 total, but one was stillborn.  3 black, 3 gray!  SO CUTE!
I couldnt find her when I got home yesterday, and I was weeding the flowerbed around the front of the house, and there she was! She and the kittens are moved in and safe. 


  1. That's great no bounce with the water bottle.
    I still gotta get one. I am thinking one for around the waist..I tried my friend's last week in the hand and I'm not a big fan of carrying anything. lol
    Awesome on the crops. Gotta love it when you get good gear that helps you.

    How's those kittens? lol

  2. Kittens are great!!

    I have the belt and YES, they can be very handy, especially on a longer run. I recommend the NATHAN, it also has a few pockets, kleenex, 5$, gum, gel, IPOD etc etc fit.