Friday, May 4, 2012

Mantra Day!

Today was tough, I think I need to admit that I am not feeling well. HA!  Mommy deserves a sick day too, RIGHT?? 
But I pushed thru, definitely wasn't my strongest run, but I can call it a finished run! 
The heat + a lingering cold just set me over the edge today.  But intervals and hills complete!

1.25 warm up
6 x 5 min intervals
1:25min rest
5 hill repeats
1:25km cool down
11.70 km DONE! 
I repeated this as many times as I repeated that hill today!



  1. ummm that workout seems awesome to me! I'll have to steal it when I'm back to speed training :)

  2. That last one got me teary eyed. lol Cos it's definitely a mental issue. Way to finish the run. Hope you got some rest! The body needs recovery. boy does mine ever