Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back on some trails

A bit nervous though, I have to admit I've been carrying my bear spray!
The weather here has literally been up and down. 22 degrees Sunday , 11 degrees Monday and then shoot back up to 20+ on Tuesday.

After running the fields and trails again, as much as I love it- I have to do short spurts because I notice my ankle is tender again.
Cathy loves her leash, and every time I leave I think she thinks its run time.
I tried the New Balance 750 v1 on a short 5 km run.
Hmmm not sure I loved them. I am going to try again, but they felt too roomy (size 8) and I noticed a pain thru my left foots arch. I am hoping because it was abnormally warm that day, I was just having an off day .

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