Monday, April 15, 2013

Updates and babbling

I ended up using my $35 grift certificate from the Sporting Life 10k for a pair of Saucony Vittara.
I always have issues with Saucony shoes. 7.5 is too small and 8 too big -- on one foot! But I keep going back.
My first few runs were on the treadmill in case I needed to return them.
First run was awesome- did intervals on the treadmill and they really felt great.
The shoes claim to have a wider toe box (a selling point for me!) and a 0 mm drop.
2nd night the toes felt tight on my right foot (it's usually my left) but not unbearable. A light 5 km .
Today I took them outside for a hilly route and they were really good! Light and very comforting.

Saturday was the Marden Marathon. Brooke, Nicci and I were signed up for the half .
I left my house before 6am - grabbed coffee and Nicci and we carried on to Toronto to grab Brooke . We got slightly confused for the turn off where to go- but seemed to get back on track.
In dire need of gas- we pulled off and the broke down station we went to wouldn't read my card and the attendant seemed unwilling to offer any help. Found 20$ and quickly pumped and got out of there.
Unable to park at the race site we needed to go up to the next lot - half field. Changed shirt and shoes , complained of the cold, rainy weather and the shuttle was pulling up to bring runners down to the site.
We realized we wouldn't be able to grab that shuttle I ran ahead to get kits and such. Noticed the time as I was walking up and figured out that the half had started and gone- 15 min earlier!!
Called Nicci's cell and told them we'd be switching to the 10k. We had 15min to get our bibs and switch it all over.

NOW the website mentioned "mostly flat with moderate hills". <---lies! Lol
It was hilly- steep and rolling . Ha
The "field" I parked in - turned to mush mud and I got stuck and needed to get pushed out. 2 of the 4 that pushed me out were waiting for a tow truck b/c they were stuck so bad. YIKES!

Today I took advantage of the nice weather for a quick 7km down the dirt roads with the new shoes and HILLS! Lots and lots

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