Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paying attention

For the last 5 or 6 runs, I keep my iPhone in my pocket, but haven't turned on my music.
I have run on occasion with no music before- when its been cold and my phone has died, or I have had earphones just completely putz out during a run. It's always seemed devastating , the thought of running with out that distraction , singing along to my fave songs, or having an upbeat song for hills or a faster run.
BUT I started hating the feeling of buds in my ears, or having the cord slip inside my sport bra , OR having a least favourite song pop up in my playlist!
I usually run with one bud any how, so it's never blaring -more "company" as I am always running alone.
But I have been feeling I wanted one less distraction, and I like it. I am not fiddling with the cord, no pulling from my ear. I can hear my breathing and I am focusing more on ME than what is playing for music.
I still carry my phone for safety- being rural and running long from home. Plus with 3 kids at school, you never know if someone is going to call home sick!

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