Thursday, November 7, 2013

Been a while

Running had taken A back seat for me- the nagging ankle I had last winter was bothering me again during the summer. Between that and the heat- my bike became my best friend. Seemed nice at the time, but when I tried running I noticed how severely my running was affected. YIKES!

Now that the cooler temps have arrived, I've been trying to build back up speed and endurance. 
I have a great plan that was made for me last yr, which started end of November , as a trainer for Around the Bay 30k.
My IDEA is to use the month of November as a build up and start the plan again. I have had no ankle injury since late August , so I am hoping I should be able to get thru the winter with no complications. 
I signed up for a local 5k with some friends at the end of November - which should a) let me see where I am and b) bring back my competitive spirit since it's been so long since I've RUN!

**fingers crossed**

I haven't updated my km in so long :/

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