Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jolly jog 5k

Me and 2 kiddos , Sofie and her 2 , Nicci and justice all met up and did a small local 5k run
Lindsay jolly jog, which hosted about 400 people, a great chilli lunch (with vegetarian option!) , and a ton of door prizes.
It wasn't timed and I wish they had of rethought the tractor pulling Santas shack (really took up space and slowed people down).
But for 20$ for adults, and 3$ for kids- a small reusable bag filled with goodies- who can complain!!
It was my first time running a race in a long while, so I decided I was just going to run steady and not kill myself. It was mentioned that there would be carollers at each km marker-and there was at the first . I kept waiting for the 2nd- assumed it was at the 3rd (actually was a band playing and they really rocked!!) 
I noticed mr. Grinch pants in front of me was heading back with a bottle of water, so I couldn't believe it was over. I thought we were only at the 4k mark. 
I finished in just over 26min- which I am ok with considering there was no point where I felt "damn when is this gonna be done!?!?" And I hadnt pushed myself, not a PB but I wasn't aiming for one that day either.
I would def do that run again---besides the whole bombing scare . YIKES!

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