Monday, June 17, 2013

Shorter runs

I've been digging the bike so much- I bike to a trail, run the trail and bike home. I've been about half and half for the distances. And already logged 130+km this month.

So shorter runs but quality runs. Tons of hills (8-11per workout depending on hill size )
Some speedy intervals with some rest periods in between. Which is a blessing in this heavy humid weather!! I love that the garmin grabs your best pace in there - sometimes I've been in the 3's p/km - not that I can sustain it for long , but high 4s are more common and I can stay with it for longer. 

And the last time on a bike was probably around 12 yrs old- I don't remember hills hurting my a$$ so much! Or giving me wobbly legs. Hoping that strengthening my legs helps with running turnover.

Not a running pic but the pig is so cute and smiling!

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