Monday, January 2, 2012


Had a great holiday, and probally took to many days off.  GRRR!  I did work out, but didnt run.  I think mentally I needed the running break, but with the kids off school, holidays and weather-- it's not been the conditions to get out there.
That said, today is looking like HELL as well, but will definitely give it a shot!  I may have to treadmill more often this yr.... PUKE!

So resolutions.... what are they??  Who made some??  Mine are:
Run further
Eat better (not that I don't eat healthy, but I will not eat if my ideal choices aren't available, which then somedays, I dont eat enough.)
Spend less.  (Till debt do us part, hoarders etc etc... YEP that's me!)
Yell less.  (4 kids, enough said~~ha!!!)

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