Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minus 4 and that feels warm

I dont know what's been going on with me. HEHEHE, last yr I was running in snowstorms and made no excuses to run outside.  The last few weeks, I've really been wimping out!  Using the treadmill or lifting weights instead.  I do think having the kids home has encouraged my behaviour. 
But today -4, and it felt so nice!  Even though there was no sun, it wasnt very windy.  Was a great reminder of how much I love running and feeling the cool air in my lungs.
9km done in 46min. 


  1. Thanks for the blog :) Way to go for getting outside and running. Way to go for keeping up the running when circumstances prevent you to change up your routine a bit. It is a great feeling and I'm just starting my relationship with running.
    Kudos Mommabear! Keep up the great runs!

  2. Omg it's got my old fat picture. lol That's how long it's been since I used this site hahaha Gonna have to change that up eventually.