Monday, February 27, 2012


I had a bit of anxiety leading up to this run.
 Having run it before, I really wanted to beat my last time.  I did run a half marathon in November, so I wasnt worried about THAT time, but I was fretting over any improvement since November.  I've been stuck at 40 ish km a wk for a bit, life and weather interferring with some longer mid week runs.

I had signed 3 of my kids up for the 1k and they were excited, and stoked to have their own Tshirts!  Their 'race' started at 12 noon, and it was SO cute to see all the little kiddos' out there!  My husband carried our 3 year old (who was sick!) on his shoulders,  Bash ran ahead and I jogged along side Piper, who did have to take a mini walk break, but I think she's hooked!

After the 1k, I had enough time to have a quick washroom break and put on my Garmin and grab kleenex, Ipod and kiss everyone good-bye.  I jogged down to the start area from the truck, and literally had time to get in line and start running!

The one thing I love about this run, it didnt have a crowded start, I hate trying to find a spot and having a tough time to find your groove.  And being a later start, it felt just like a regular long run Sunday for me.

The run follows thru some side streets, and curves around Little Lake, and then comes out to Lansdowne St, inclines up to Ashburnham St, and up thru the Liftlock bridge and then down thru east city and out to an end of Peterborough that I am not that familiar with, and then turn around to come back.

I was going strong thru the first half of the run, and hit the 10km marker at 55 minutes exactly, coming up that last hill around 15km I stopped thru the water station and drank a cup of Gatorade.  Around 16-18km, I felt tired.  I dropped to a 6:00min pace and I had to really get my mojo going again. 
I saw the 19km marker and knew there were NO more hills or inclines from that point.  I fell into pace, and took my water bottle out of my pocket and sneaked a sip. 
Hit the 20 km marker and refused to look at my Garmin, I hadnt since the 12k sign. So I was trying to play mental math in my head to keep busy while running.  I didnt care what the number was at the finish, but didnt want to see a 2:xx:xx

Turned the last corner onto Alymer St, and saw the big puffy red finish line.  My Ipod was still going but heard some volunteers yelling 'Almost there, this is the fun part' etc and noticed my mom and cousin Nicci right at the finish line.

I sped up a bit for a finish, and couldnt see the clock at the finish line.  I spun around quickly to look and it was under 2hrs! (1:58 on my garmin) and I literally jumped for joy.

So next comes Hamilton........

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