Monday, March 12, 2012

Just signed up!

If you are doing a long run Sunday anyway.......DO IT!

Side note: I need to plug my Garmin in and recheck some runs..... I am pretty sure checking my mileage ticker, I am missing some, PLUS the few treadmill runs, I may have forgotten to tag on.  OPPS.  Honestly, I am losing it lately.  D'oh!

Sunday, I took a different approach to my long run (24.5 running, 2.5 walk cool down) and instead of an out and back, I just ran and brought my dad's dinosaur flip phone to call for a ride when I was done.  Ended up 2 towns over!
The warm weather threw me off.  I dressed slightly too warm--and only had a sports bra under my fleece I was stuck with it!  Also, I have driven the route many times.....I didnt realize how big the hills were. LMAO. Tough run, but done run!
I stopped a few times to let the wind behind me hit me in the face.  I passed an uncle who was driving, I resisted the urge to flag him down and drive me home! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! and thnks for signing up!

    I just wanted to check out your blog and say "hello"