Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unofficial PB!

I set out Tuesday for a run, and decided against a tempo, but just a run.  The roads around my area are drying up and have reopened up a new set of roads for me.  (I've been limited to the highway and have been getting pretty bored.)
The rural roads are pretty hilly, so I was just 'running' and taking in the sights to see what had changed in the last few months.  I chose an 11 km route. I came out of a back road at 5+km and it was just under the 30 min mark. I stopped my garmin to blow my nose and cross across the highway.
Continued on and was watching some farmers work on a tractor.  Ran a few km down the highway and did a quick glance over my shoulder to see if it was safe to cross  back down another rural road, looked down and was right at 7km and 38min.  Knowing this route pretty well, I knew this road was 3k long and after one incline was FLAT.  So I pushed it, to see where I could at 10 km mark.

My last 'raced' 10km was 55 min, and after hitting the 10km mark at ATB in 54min + (according to sportstat)  I was curious where I was.  Even yesterday with the hills, I wasn't *pushing* myself, it's nice to see that improvement is there. 

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