Monday, October 22, 2012

Loggin' & Joggin'

I decided to put in a 'schedule' from Runner's World using the free smart coach. I haven't been following it to a T, but definitely gives me a rough plan and I can loosely follow it.  Definitely makes me feel like I have a purpose when leaving for my runs.

My weekend long run was cancelled Sunday b/c of a birthday party for a friends 4 yr old son, so after my doctor appt today, I managed to squeeze in 15 km before the kids  got off the bus. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


It's been cooler, like 5-9 degree area.  Which is nice, but it's been windy too.  Thankfully the sun and running keep you warm!

I've been using one day a week and running around this corn field, which I LOVE.  It feels almost primal.  And scary.  I've mentioned before how rural we are, and I do fear for bears.  Usually when I run around the field, I run half and turn back the other way-the 'other' side looks dark and is back against ANOTHER field. 
Today I only had time for a short run, (tomorrow is my parents anniversary and they are driving a distance for dinner and a concert tonight)  So I decided to do the full perimetre of the corn field.  Dodging corn husks and jumping over fallen husks, it's pretty fun.  And of course, the new side brought something different to the run.

Trail behind my grandma's to get to field

So pretty today--opening of field
It's a 2k distance the full way around, plus the run to get there and then back was only just under 4 km run but I had a blast.  Next week with more time, I will add more laps to it  AND bring my bear spray!  HA

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suck it up Buttercup

The past few months have NOT been my finest in running.  I feel stuck in a rut, the heat of summer, a cold, kids and life haven't been helping my mileage, training or speed work.

Then I get so concerned over quantity, I forget about quality.  I started thinking to myself, 'When was my last good hill workout, or speed workout?'
*Blushing*  I realized it's been a while.  Today I had been feeling better than I had felt in about a month, SO sucking it up, I headed to a larger STEEPER hill than I usually do for repeats and went for it. 
This is a pretty steep hill.  And usually, I can rock out a hill pretty well, but this one gets me every time.  So I ran up 75% of it, stopped for 5 DEEP breaths, and finished it.  5 times. 

What I love about where this hill is located, is that it has a nice flat road below the hill. So I ened up doing 6x200 intervals, with 200 meter jogs in between.  (the first 2 were walks)
1 km warm up
1 km cool down

I really need a 'schedule' and someone to tell me :  YOU NEED TO RUN THIS (XX) TODAY. 
The 75% (I did stay under 6min/km pace)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I lied

No long run yesterday, I tried, got 2.5 km in and was done.  Apparently hit with what the kids had, only I didnt throw up.  Just very weak and sore.  Layed on the couch ALL day.

Did a slow 10k today (1hr) thru the wind and even had to drag out a winter running coat!  BRRR!  9 degrees and cloudy, I waited till later in the day.  (Too busy bleaching my kids rooms) and I am glad because the rain stopped and the sun was fighting to come out.   What ever was hanging around, I sweated out, and feel much better!

Monday, October 8, 2012

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

I really hate when you get on a great running groove and life gets in the way!

Coming off the Toad run, I had taken the Sunday off, except for a few km at the Run for the Cure.  I really felt good, minimal soreness and was able to start again with Monday, Tues, and Wednesday runs. A little slower, and I had a cold that was lingering, BUT good.  I was planning on running the 5 days, Saturday off for the fair with the kids, and then Sunday's long run to justify Thanksgiving dinner (wink)
 *screeching halt*
 Sick kid Thursday, unexpected day off.   Hmmm, OK make up a few miles on Friday, THAT was the plan, but with my cold and a toddler who HATES HATES HATES to sleep at night, I was tired and only did 5 miles.
Brooke tagged along for Sunday's run.  We run at different paces and different distances.  But it was good.  She brought her brothers puppy--and I did NOT think this dog would handle anything over a mile. Just because, I thought there would be some training with dog running or something.  Nahla the dog is a T.R.O.O.P.E.R. Seriously, ran the whole time! 
So Sundays long run was slower than usual, and shorter but SO enjoyable, we chatted, laughed, posed and it was nice to 'coach' Brooke a bit and get her over her 10k hump.  12.5km done. 

Then life took over again Monday ANOTHER sick's gone thru all 4 now (interesting weekend and a TON of laundry done. ugh)  So hopefully it's gone, unless Scott and I end up getting it.  *knock on wood we don't*   So Monday was a weight day, unless endless cleaning counts as cardio...... ?

Quiet road

On the fire truck ride

Ferris Wheel -he wouldnt move

6+ km turnaraound

Rail way track trail
Tuesday 3/4 are at school, I have no where to go -- long run will be completed.
Love my shoes!

Only took 6 tries for 1 half decent pic!!

Monday, October 1, 2012


In mid August, I ordered new in box Newtons (in pink of course) from Ebay.  85$+30 shipping.  Waited FOREVER (well 12 days) and they had come in, my hubby picked them up for me and had to pay 15$ duty. * steam out ears*

Scott brought them home, I ripped open the paper only to see a 10.5 on the outside of box.  WTFH!  I opened the box and a orange pair of mens Newtons. ARGH
I emailed the seller, how stated to send them back, she'd refund the shipping and send out the pink womens 8 I ordered.
I noticed she had sent them out the 19th September, but after the 20th there was NO update on  Finally the 28th, there was an update they were in Canada. 

Well they arrived this morning.  Seeing as I still have a cold and I wanted an easy run, I took them out for a garmin free 5k.  NICE, I am very pleased with them.

Piper's fave part of the Run for the Toad